Featured Art

A small sample of some of the art donated. Over 100 pieces will be on display for the auction.

By Shelley Albrich

Water Is Peace by Paula Litchfield

The Heart by Sarah Ciampa

bioDIVERSITY - Ridgeline View Inverse by Kathleen Caprario

Lone Rose by David Backer

Fallen Leaves by Karen Myers

Top Crow by Art Kennedy

The Marine Layer Is Coming by Mario C. Tennon

Journey by Patricia Montoya Donohue

Transition Zones - ECHO by Kathleen Caprario

Aging is a Precious Gift by Shirley Collins

River Wonder by Carolyn Bloom

Woman Separated from Child by Natalia Koval

The Poet Sings, estate of James E. Ulrich

The Other Side by Stephanie Ponto

Figs and Pomegranates by Judith Hankin

DayBreak II by JS Bird

Purple Sage by Paula Fleitell

Big Banana, estate of James E. Ulrich

Potato, estate of James E. Ulrich

Playa Patterns by Kathleen Caprario

Archetypal Grandpa by Kaya Singer

Journey into the Dawn by Asante Riverwind

Black and White by Jani Hoburg

Wolves - Portrait by Karen Pidgeon

Gliceé Print of a Pastel by Tara Kemp

Sweet Magnolia by Karen Russo

Incentive by Susan Lowdermilk

Rainbow Chard by Robin Bachtler Cushman

Somber Solitude by Kyle Hunter

I Envy Birds by Bayne Gardner

bioDIVERSITY - Ridgeline View by Kathleen Caprario

Dreams of Mother by Betsy Huffsmith

Long Road to Equality by Wayne Singer

Corazón by Karen Russo

By Shelley Albrich

Cosmic Mixing Bowl by Meadow Scott

Tadasana by Gloria Campuzano

From Reference Photo by Ueslei Marcelino, With Gratitude by Leonie Daniels

Focusing on the Birds by Bayne Gardner

Cat - After Bacon, estate of James E. Ulrich

Apricots, estate of James E. Ulrich

bioDIVERSITY - Ridgeline Presence by Kathleen Caprario

Boy Alone by David Becker

Inspired by October by Susan Detroy

Market Place by Marjorie Templeton

Many Paths by Lynn Story Taylor

Abstract Flows by Pacific Rim Art Guild

Zapatos Flamencos by Andrea Ros

A White Ring of Bones by Joseph Lieberman

Grey Areas by Brandon Beins